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Located below Australia in the continent of Oceania, New Zealand has been the favorite destination for Indian Students due to its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, Ranking second on the Global Peace Index 2019 it is undoubtedly the safest country for students. The country offers an excellent education system with ample research opportunities, affordable fee structure, an excellent support system and a better cost of living that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The government of New Zealand pouring money heavily on education with an estimation to witness millions of enrolments in the universities by 2025. There are seven to eight universities in the country which come in the list of top 500 universities in the world time after time. this is the prime reason for coming on the radar of international students and becoming one of the best choices.

The country develops numerous skills and innovation in the field of education to compete with the rest of the countries and nurture a better relationship


If your course duration is more than 3 months from any institution in New Zealand, you would require a student visa, the process for applying and obtaining a student visa is by far the easiest for New Zealand, like many other countries you would be able to work 20 hours a week during the term and full time during the holidays. You would need to be 18 years or older before applying this visa, you would need to show the proof of funds to cover your living expenses during your stay in the Country.


If English is not your first language then you would need to take a Language test to secure your admission to any university or college in New Zealand, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most recognized tests among the institutions of the country, unlike other countries like Canada, Australia, etc., the universities of New Zealand is quite lenient in terms of the Language Score. Some additional information is that your Funds should be 6 months old before you present them to the Government of New Zealand. learn more Student Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad.

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